“If I can do it you can toо”

What’s Ahead:

This post is to give you some motivation to start the journey and have confidence in your ability to make changes in your life to achieve goals.

My background

If we look back at my situation when I was in my early 20’s things did not look good for me, I was unemployed, and could not afford the basics, I had no savings and was in debt, to compound this I had no education!
I did not attend public school for long which had some benefits but was a large hurdle to overcome later in life, safe to say that when I thought about my future I had no belief that I could do anything with my life.

Some of these reasons had a part to play with a drug problem I developed which led to depression, and a complete lack of self-worth.

I want to share this with you for anyone who has been or is in a similar situation and show that it is possible to come out of a bad situation regardless of the life you lived.

Where I am today

When I now summarise my current situation I have a stable and successful career I can be proud of, I am able to provide for my family and live a comfortable lifestyle, we are able to save money and invest in our future.
My family and I have our goals set on our first home, we eliminated all our debt and now my focus is to work towards an early retirement and achieve financial freedom something I never believed I could achieve just a few years ago.

The turning point

My biggest motivation was driven by my family and I owe my success to my now wife, she believed in me and stood by me when I needed her, the turning point in my life was when my wife fell pregnant.

I now had to think about someone else, becoming a father was the biggest wake up call I could of ever gotten.
To begin with I was not in a position to be a father I could barely look after myself but rather than giving up or letting the situation get the better of me I used it to make the changes I needed to.

I think everyone regardless of situation knows within themselves what they need to do but in most cases lack the drive or discipline to make the changes.

I know not everyone has a factor in their life to force them to make changes but I hope this story can give you the motivation to find the drive you need.

So… How did I get where I am today

When I made the decision to make a change I looked at what was causing my issues,

The social group I was apart of, this is a topic that is constantly repeated around self-development.

This quote and so many others just like it are where I started, I removed myself from the toxic social group I was In.
This allowed me to quit drugs, smoking and alcohol, for the way I achieved this and all the details take a read of this post, concurrently to this I was focusing on the part time job I had working at Coles packing shelves, I was eventually moved into a position that provided me a full time income.

I started saving, for the first time we had the ability to save money it wasn’t much but it was something.

We still had issues with our life and I struggled to stay focused my girlfriend and I would fight regularly, the people that had such a toxic influence still had an impact on our lives.

We decided we had to move from our home town it was the biggest decision we had made up to this point, with no idea where we would go no real plan we just went for it.
This was the first risk we had to take but after making so many positive changes we needed to keep moving forward.
We arrived on the Sunshine Coast, we felt free we we’re happy with our decision, financially though we still had a long way to go.

At these stages I almost became addicted to achieving success every goal I achieved no matter how small made me feel so fulfilled and accomplished I strived for more, I wanted to achieve more.

I moved on from Coles and secured a career working for the government, at this stage I had achieved so much and could now make plans for my family’s future.

To summarise

If you don’t like to read all the fluff and just want a straight to the point description on what I’ve done to get to this point in my life this is for you.

  • Decided on making a change
  • Removed toxic people from my life
  • Removed aspects of my life that had a negative impact
  • Focused on my income
  • Achieved a career
  • Eliminated debt
  • Invested in Assets

For all the details on these topics click on this link.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope that if you are in a similar situation you can find the motivation you need to start making the necessary changes, make sure to check out some of my other posts here if you have a specific question or would like to reach out please feel free to comment below.

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