About money incentives

Welcome to Money Incentives my name is Jim I’m a young aussie with big dreams for financial freedom, I created this website to share what I’ve learned while on my journey to achieving my financial goals. During my research the information I found was targeted towards educated people with stable careers, let me just say this was not me, when I started my journey I had no formal education not even a year 10 equivalent and no stable income this was in 2013 when I was just 23.

I made the decision that I needed to change my life and set the goal to retire early.

This website and blog was created to help anyone who is wanting to achieve financial freedom the topics I cover will be from getting the education you need to land that first well paying job, how to improve your current career, ways to start generating an extra income from side hustles anyone can do. How to invest the money you earn to start and grow your ability to generate a passive income.
I’ve done thousands of hours of research so you don’t have to and everyone knows time is valuable and the internet can consume so much of our valuable time.

If you want to learn the information you need to improve your finances, to stop living week to week like so many of us do, start on my blog page and find all the information you will need to reach your goals.