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Suburb reports



Our suburb reports are free documents that I have compiled from open source and paid research, it will help you when making your next decision on when and where to purchase your next investment property.

The documents include detailed information on upcoming infrastructure planned by local councils, details on schools in the area, vacancy rates, details on the demographic and potential average yield on rentals. All these details can help buyers assess potential growth of a suburb, these reports will not provide predictions but gives you all the data in an easy to interpret format to save you time and money!

If your looking to track and manage your savings, personal finances or portfolios take a look at some of our excel templates.

We have templates made up for savings calculators, Property performance estimates, portfolio management, debt reduction and much more.

Are you looking to create your own stock portfolio and diversify you investments? Our stock reports will provide a snapshot of a company to help you make an informed decision on when to purchase a stock and how long to hold it.

These reports include a summary of the company, detailed financials of a company, a valuation of the current stock price, price predictions and basic chart analysis. This will help you be more confident in your decisions and teach you how to do your own research on a stock before you purchase shares.